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NYC Makers

The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD)
2 Colombus Cir. NY
July 1-October 12, 2014


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The Fifth Season

James Cohan Gallery
533 W 26th Street
June 24-August 8, 2014



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Open to the Public: Civic Space Now

Centre for Architecture
536 LaGuardia Place
June 12-September 6, 2014 width=”780″
Cross-dressing bicycles to popularize the presence of critical nonhuman organisms who contribute to healthy urban ecosystems, cross promoting the diversity of social and business ecosystems, oh, and countering the visual monoculture of CitiBikes.  This project exploits bikes as icons of independent mobility and ADvocacy. Should cities micro charge the riding public when the human health benefits, reduced hospitalisation, infrastructure savings and reduced pressure on other public transit are more than cost effective—if paid people to ride, they’d still come out in front. However, the city isn’t paying BUT the Environmental Health Clinic is/will. Sign up for cross-dressing your bike promoting your favorite unknown urban organism, dot-org, band or business.





This Is What Sculpture Looks Like

Postmasters Gallery
54 Franklin Street, NY
June 14-August 2, 2014


After auditioning mussels diverted from the food markets, MUSSELxCHOIR will be rehearsing in a pocket ecosystem installed in the Postmasters Gallery. The mussels control sounds (and lights) with their gaping and are staged inside wild observatories. These hold water in towers through vacuum pressure–as a sort of luxury hi rise apartment, for mussels. The view elevates the mussels to eye contact, or rather bivalve to bilabia, breaching the insistent mirror-flat surfaces of our bodies of water and giving voice to new possibilities.  Wild observatories may lead to wild observations, wild claims and more wildness in the urban context….here for live performance schedule and MUSSELxCHOIR tracks.




Smack Mellon Gallery
92 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn, NY
June 7-July 27,2014


The production and distribution of AgBags is a participatory public experiment by the Environmental Health Clinic Farmacy to support pollinators (in pollinator crisis), improve air quality (and the cardio-vascular health of each of us), and explore delicious highly nutritious flower based foods (flowers are the most nutrient dense foods known). This inexpensive,  low maintenance, soil-building closed-system that can be easily integrate onto railing, windows sills, facades or parapets of existing urban structures. If you would like to participate in this experiment please sign up for a workshop and/or email (me or  More information here including an effort to effloresce the of parking structures at JFK—our collective front door.


CHILDxLABOR is a recently formed musical theater company directed by Kenn Watt with assistant director 16-year-old E Harper, in which children transform work, produce good goods* and perform desirable futures. Children work in musical but efficient assembly lines singing, dancing and making good goods that are available to the audience for purchase. (here for more information and upcoming performances).  For FOODshed the good goods include the xCOLA Manufactory with CHILDxLABOR. These carbonated drink product adapt the open source (link to ) cola recipe and add benign micronutrients to divert profits from corporate liquid candy sales towards local production and healthy profitability. Children sing a critique of human health costs tied to large drink manufactures exposing, for instance, the 3 liters of fresh public water required for every liter of conventional cola, and they account for diesel truck distribution degrading our air quality diesel—although an economic externality these ultra fine particulate pollution is deeply internalized passing through out lung tissue, and into private circulatory systems. The children also explain the economics and aggregated benefits of hyperlocal food production systems demonstrating decentralised assembly.


In addition to HAPPYxCOLA–which includes St Johns Wort flower extract to promote neurogenesis and counter gloom;  and LOVExCOLA–adds a tincture of New England Aster, a flower used by the Iroquois as love potion; also a potent antiviral, we will be launching SMACKMELLONADE, with colourful micro-ingredients from the exhibition, and KOLAxCOLA, promoting forest-based agriculture as the REAL THING. CHILDxLABOR will also be perform a FLOWERxFLOSS Manufactory: making a bee pollen cotton candy(though not sugar), that glows, fosters biodiversity in ones lower gut (a good thing) and in local urban environments (particularly good in a pollinator crisis).


*good goods are goods for which the net effect of production and consumption is positive. That is, these are goods that measurably increase biodiversity, human and environmental health.